Hi everyone!

I’m a stay-at-home Singaporean Mum to a little girl, “TT”. TT is an active toddler, with an endless store of curiosity and a huge penchant for discovering new things. She keeps us on our toes, both mentally and physically, and is the centre of all things in our universe. Naturally, she will also come to dominate most posts on this blog, which she has inspired me to embark on. As a new parent, I sometimes feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark. Especially in the first few months, I felt that the smallest changes and developments seemed so daunting. I always found it helpful to talk to other mothers – mums, mum-in-laws, aunties, friends, acquaintances, professionals etc. It was also useful to hear of others who were going through the same experiences; even if taken with a pinch of salt, just being in the same boat with others can be a little comforting. 

Here’s a little background on us – due to the nature of my husband’s job, we tend to relocate every few years and return to our homeland, Singapore, in between postings. Our most recent posting has brought us to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. Although this isn’t our first move (we lived in Paris previously), it is proving to be a very different experience with a child in tow. New challenges lie in store for us, as we bring up our little girl in a different country and culture, away from her family and our familiar milieu.

xx KC
June 2015




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